Call for Artists to Show in 2022

Image of blue and green paint brush strokes on a dark turquoise background with text (Widlund Gallery: Call for Artists).

The Widlund Gallery committee welcomes requests from artists interested in showing their work in 2022. Exhibits will be displayed for approximately 6 weeks, with the exact dates to be determined based upon availability. The call is open until the 2022 exhibit dates are filled.

Both established and emerging artists are encouraged to submit a request, including those interested in showing their work in the public realm for the first time. All types of artwork are welcome and the call is open to individual artists, as well as small groups interested in showing together.

Details about the display space:

  • Locking glass case with 5 shelves
  • 11 pedestals, varying height and width
  • Folding Shelf System with 4 wide boards, 10′ long x 1.5′ wide
  • 5 wall spaces with plywood backed wall rug, measurements as follows: 33′ x 5′ | 21.5′ x 5′ | 14′ x 5′ | 11.5′ x 5′ | 3′ x 5’

To be considered, artists should submit a “Request to Exhibit Form” and images representing the proposed exhibit. The request form can be found at Questions are also welcome – please submit them via email using this form. A staff member or volunteer will respond to your message as promptly as possible.