Art Gallery

The Widlund Gallery


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The gallery is named in honor of Elise and Woody Widlund who had the vision to build the Tannery Pond Community Center, rallied community support and generously funded much of the project.

There are four large walls covered with a carpet treatment to facilitate the ease of changing two dimensional art displays. The neutral tone wall carpet is backed with plywood to allow for heavy art, hung on strong picture hooks or nails. When the nails are removed, the holes are no longer visible. Each wall carpet segment is 5 feet high and range in length from 3 feet to 21 feet. Art display lights as well as general illumination fixtures enhance this space. Large windows give the space a feel of being outside and yet do not allow direct sunlight on the two dimensional display areas. If possible, we suggest visiting the facility before you plan your exhibit.

Three dimensional-art has display flexibility using portable round display “tables” of varying heights, display shelves and floor space. The mezzanine, just off the gallery, offers an additional 33 feet of wall carpeted space for two-dimensional art, also with art display lighting. This is very good display space for close up viewing.

There is not a retail function associated with the operations. Artists may offer their work for sale and forms are available for this purpose. Artwork on display may not be removed until the end of the exhibit. There currently is no fee to display but artists are required to return 25% of the sales to Tannery Pond Center to defray expenses.

Tannery Pond Center’s Gallery Committee manages the gallery schedule, with exhibits being on display for approximately two months each beginning in 2020. If you’re interested in exhibiting your own work, sending in a Request to Exhibit form will initiate the process.