The Lyle Dye Auditorium

The unique design of our auditorium let’s you choose between a formal theatre setting when the seats are expanded, or a dance hall atmosphere when the seats are removed. We’ve hosted a number of events where both options are used in the same evening! This is especially useful for musical evenings where you want to start out with a concert, and switch to dancing after intermission. The mechanism for collapsing the telescopic seating is magically automated, so the entire operation can be completed in five minutes.

The maple hardwood “sprung” floor has a gymnasium type finish. In floor heating and air conditioning offer comfortable conditions at any time of the year. Windows let in daylight or can be curtained for a dark “movie house” setting. Curtains, wood walls and sound reflectors create an incredibly good acoustical space. Stage curtains, stage entrence, theater lighting and control booth offer wonderful performance opportunities.


Balanced sound system: several preset settings for ease of use (music, theater, dance, speaker) and equipped with Assisted Listening capability.

* Electro-Voice: Vari Intense Horn Speaker System 8”, 12” 2-way
* William Sound: Assisted Listening System
* Denon Professional: CD/cassette deck, hi-fi stereo
* Middle Atlantic 20 amp 40 space control room audio equipment rack,
and 8 channel Shure mixer

Projector: tied into the sound system- for videos, DVD, computer and cable TV presentations displaying on a 10 X 24 foot screen .

* Projector: EiKi LC-X4 Powerhouse
* Screen: Da-Lite Professional Electrol
* Denon Professional: DVD, VHS player

Lutron lighting control system: with 4 preset light choices. For more complex productions there is a Leprecon Model LP 1600 3672+ light control board and a Genie Lift for adjusting stage lighting.

Available by permission only: Yahama grand piano, follow spot, stage platforms and other specialized equipment.