Teenagers Only


How we got started:

In 2002, a group of concerned parents and citizens got together to try and figure out what to do about the lack of social opportunities in the area for teenagers. We had all picked up a newspaper only to sadly read about some teenager getting into trouble. We felt it was time to change that. Hence the Teenagers Only! Program sponsored by the Tannery Pond Community Center Association in Johnsburg was born. The program is run completely by volunteers. Costs are met with grants and donations. Many local businesses have also donated services helping to keep costs down, while still providing a desirable alternative for teens.

What we do:

The Teenagers Only! Program offers teenagers an opportunity to participate in biweekly events,mainly taking place at the Tannery Pond Community Center, 228 Main Street, North Creek. These events range from workshops to movie nights, dances, coffeehouse and open mics, rafting trips and the like. Participating teenagers build positive socialization skills as well as self-esteem. On Open Mic nights, for example, all teens are encouraged (but not required) to perform and are warmly supported by their peers when they do. Events are generally free to teenagers and offered in a fun, safe, drug, tobacco and alcohol free environment. In this atmosphere Teens can just be themselves and hang out with friends without anyone expecting them to produce anything. All events are chaperoned by adult volunteers, many of whom are parents and all teenagers are welcome regardless of academic standing.

The Teenagers Only! Program not only gives teens a choice, it gives them the message that we care.


1. The Teenagers Only Program is open to teens age 13-19 years old, regardless of academic standing.
2. All events are drug, alcohol and tobacco free.
3. All participants must sign in and mark their time “out” next to their name when they leave.
4. In addition to their name participants will be asked to include their phone number when signing in.
5. All participants will be marked with a number on their hand to correspond with the number next to their name.
6. Only the front door may be used to enter and exit TPCC.
7. Once a teenage participant has signed out and left the building they will not be allowed to re-enter an event.
8. Once a teenage participant has left the building they will be allowed back into the lobby to call for a ride or to wait for a ride if need be, particularly in case of cold or inclement weather.
9. If a participant exhibits inappropriate behavior they will be given a warning. If the behavior is repeated they will be asked to leave and allowed to call for a ride and wait in the lobby to be picked up.
10. If a participant exhibits threatening behavior they will be asked to leave. If the behavior persists the police will be called but no effort will be made to detain the participant until police arrive.
11. At least two adults will remain until all children are picked up or have left on their own after an event.
12. The Teenagers Only Program does not raise money for other programs or interest groups.
13. The Teenagers Only Program is a not for profit program and only charges participants when it is absolutely necessary.
14. Any outside individual or organization wishing to make a presentation during an event or sponsor an event must have the approval of the program director and agreement of the TPCCA Chair.
15. Any grievances will be brought before the TPCCA Board of Trustees.
16. Generally one adult chaperone will be provided for every 10 participants predicted to attend an event based on past totals for the same or similar type of event.
19. All events with the exception of outdoor activities or field trips will be held at the Tannery Pond Community Center in North Creek.
20. All movies will be rated PG or PG-13.
21. Movies run from 7-930 PM, dances run from 7-10pm.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]